Welcome to SnellMetalFab.com                                                                    We Specialize in CNC Plasma Cutting, TIG, MIG and ARC Welding, Plasma and Oxy-Acetylene Cutting, Tubing Notching and Bending, Glass Bead Blasting, Milling Machine and Lathe Work, Sheet Metal Fabricating and Polishing and Custom Fabrication .................................


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Snell Metalfab is an independently owned and operated metal fabrication business. We  are large enough to handle those big jobs, yet small enough to handle the little jobs with all the attention and personal service your project deserves.

We will strive to be your full-service metal fabrication shop. Custom orders are our specialty, simply email, fax or stop by our shop with a picture of what you need, give us the actual dimensions, and we can duplicate it in steel, aluminum, brass or copper using our ‘state of the art’ CNC plasma cutting system.

We also offer TIG, MIG and ARC welding; plasma and oxy-acetylene cutting; tubing bending and notching; glass bead blasting, milling machine and lathe work, as well as a full compliment of sheet metal fabricating and polishing equipment.


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